The collection of bonsai of Hoka-en is large. The trees are imported directly out of Japan, China, Korea and Indonesia. All trees are selected by ourselves from renowned and respected nurseries. Because of our long time experience and solid relationships with growers in the producing countries we are able to offer you the best range of bonsai available on the market.

Our range of trees is very diverse. You can find bonsai for people just starting with the hobby as well as specimen trees for collectors. For all levels we have a very big selection on stock.


Indoor bonsai is suitable to be kept in a room. These trees come from countries where you find a tropical climate. Varieties such as Ficus, Zelkova, Carmona, Serissa, Durantha, Ligustrum, Zanthoxylum are common.

Outdoor bonsai are originally from countries were there is a four season climate. The variety of trees is therefore larger. Varieties like Pinus, Juniperus, Acer, Rhododendron, Fagus, Ginkgo come to mind.

New indoor trees arrive at our nursery the whole year through. The newly selected bonsai from Japan and Korea usually arrive in January and February..


Garden trees

We also offer a huge selection of garden trees. These elegantly shaped trees are becoming increasingly popular. Varieties such as Pinus, Taxus, Rhododendron and Ilex are imported directly from Japan and are important touches to your Japanse or modern styled garden. Trees in sizes from 1 meter to 3.5 meters and in all kind of different styles are on stock in large quantities.


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