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Hoka-en bonsai studio was established in the middle of the eighties. Hotsumi Terakawa, a japanese bonsai master and Hanako Lodder were the initiators.

The idea was to make bonsai more known and popular to a larger public and also to service the bonsai hobbyist more professionally. At this moment Hoka-en is an established name in the world of bonsai both in the Netherlands and internationally. Hoka-en is among the most complete bonsai specialty stores in Europe.

The facilities of the studio can be called unique. The full range of products of Lodder Bonsai is offered. That means that customers have a gigantic selection. The bonsai are kept under ideal circumstances and cared for by highly experienced professionals. The staff of Hoka-en is capable of answering all the questions you might have about bonsai and can advise you how to make the best out of your hobby.

  • HOKA-EN Bonsai studio
  • Hugo de Vriesweg 1
  • 3481 JA Harmelen
  • The Netherlands
  • verkoop@hoka-en.nl
  • Tel: +31(0)348 – 446 046
  • Openings hours
  • Monday till Friday from 09:00 – 17:00 hours
  • Saturday 09:00 – 12:00 hours

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